New Active Aging Minute Videos Launched Weekly

In one minute you can learn a new healthy living tip from our new Active Aging Minute video series. Each week take just a minute to watch a new video where we will provide you with healthy tips for optimal aging, based on the current research of the day. We cover a wide range of topics including, successful aging; healthy life span; simple exercises to maintain your mobility, balance, power and strength; and more, much more.  So stay tuned each week for a quick tip to help you on your path to healthy active aging.

Be sure to consult with a physician, physical thera­pist, or other trained health or exercise professional before doing a new exercise routine, in case you have medical and physical conditions that affect the exer­cises and how they are applied.

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Air Quality Aware

It’s so important to check daily changes in outdoor air quality, so that we can protect our health or the health of those we care about. This is why the Air Quality Health Index (or AQHI) is such a useful tool!

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New Active Living Tip Now Available on Active Living and Arthritis

Our "Tips" are practical and leading edge knowledge on healthy active aging presented in plain language. ‘Active Living and Arthritis’ is now available in seven languages. English, French, Italian, Spanish, Punjabi, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Hard copies may be obtained free of charge or you may print a copy off this web site.

Be Active, Social and Healthy!

Mall Movers is still available throughout the summer at Centerpoint Mall and Woodbine Centre. Stay active and stay out of the heat. This is a free 30-minute stretch and strengthen class offered one morning each week, before the retail stores open. After the class, led by a certified fitness leader, the group walks the mall. For more information and registration, visit Mall Walking page.

Air Health Check