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Your membership will support our goal of achieving collective impact for healthy active aging across Canada. Your financial support assists in funding initiatives such as our websites, You Tube videos, health promotion, and other operational expenses that are not covered in project grants. Please see our project highlights from this past year to give you a better understanding of our work.

Membership Application -PDF Format
Application Instructions
Membership Benefits
Membership Fees
Membership Eligibility & Commitment

Application Instructions

The membership year is April 1st to March 31st.

Please complete the application and return to the Active Aging Canada office.

Membership Benefits

  • Company name and URL link on members list on website
  • Brief write-up on the Business Partner page of the Active Aging Canada website with a link to website
  • Annual Report with company listed on the Business Partners page
  • Company website and contact information listed in each newsletter (when available)
  • Access to the members via office email and Constant Contact system
  • Work collaboratively on projects with Active Aging Canada
  • Stay informed with current research and activities of the organization
  • Be a part of a growing national coalition

Membership Fees

Gross Revenue of Corporation Membership Fee
$100,000 or less $300
$100,001 - $250,000 $400
$250,001 – $500,000 $500
$500,001 – $1 million $1000
Over $1 million $1500

Membership Eligibility & Commitment

Any corporation or foundation who supports and is interested in partnering with Active Aging Canada to position active aging as a cornerstone of health promotion for older adults is eligible for membership.


  • You are committed to supporting the vision and mission of Active Aging Canada.
  • You understand the importance of sharing information, resources and research.
  • You will share and promote relevant information and resources received through Active Aging Canada, to your members, clients, participants, when feasible.
  • When possible you will share your resources through Active Aging Canada to be disseminated to the membership and beyond.

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