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Your membership will support our goal of achieving collective impact for healthy active aging across Canada. Your financial support assists in funding initiatives such as our websites, You Tube videos, health promotion, and other operational expenses that are not covered in project grants. Please see our project highlights from this past year to give you a better understanding of our work.

Membership Application - PDF Format
Application Instructions
Membership Benefits
Membership Fees
Membership Eligibility & Commitment

Application Instructions

To become a member, please complete the membership application and include on a separate page your reasons for seeking membership in Active Aging Canada. Please include details of your organization (mission statement, a copy of the latest Annual Report, details of the programs, etc.) and email the information to

The application will be reviewed by the Active Aging Canada Board of Directors. Pending approval, your organization agrees to pay the annual membership fee to be a Voting Member with full voting privileges. 

Should the cost of the membership be a barrier to your organization, please contact our office (1.800.549.9799) or via email at:

The membership year is April 1st to March 31st.

This application for membership does not constitute approval of membership. Active Aging Canada reserves the right to accept or refuse membership.

Membership Benefits

  • Eligible for position on Board of Directors
  • Vote on issues that affect the organization and a healthy aging society
  • Be a part of a growing national coalition
  • Commit to the vision of active aging for adult Canadians
  • Participate in national projects that support a vision of a healthy aging society
  • Be an advocate on issues that effect a healthy aging society
  • Stay informed with current research and activities of the organization
  • Promote your organization to like-minded national, provincial and local groups
  • Communicate with other national /provincial organizations who share the same vision

Membership Fees

National Organizations                                $300
Provincial/Territorial Organizations          $150

Should the cost of the membership be a barrier to your organization, please contact our office (1.800.549.9799) or via email at:

Membership Eligibility & Commitment

Voting Members are national or provincial/territorial organizations with an interest in furthering the goals and objectives of Active Aging Canada. If an organization operates at more than one level then only the highest or most active level of the organization can apply for the Voting Membership. However, other levels of organizations can be Corresponding Members if they so choose.

Each national or provincial/territorial organization appoints an individual as its representative and each representative has a right to one vote at the Annual General Meeting and the opportunity to sit on the national Board of Directors.

Each individual representing the voting organization shall be in a position of influence, and shall receive official authorization and assignment from his / her governing body to act as a representative to Active Aging Canada and make decisions on behalf of their organization.


  • Be incorporated, or have a charter or other form of official recognition and have not-for-profit status.
  • Obtain approval and support to apply for membership in Active Aging Canada by the Board/governing body of your organization.
  • Commit to dissemination of the active aging message within your organization.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in all aspects of organization, management and financial matters.
  • Be headquartered in Canada.


  • You are committed to supporting the vision and mission of Active Aging Canada.
  • You understand the importance of sharing information, resources and research.
  • You will share and promote relevant information and resources received through Active Aging Canada, to your members, clients, participants, when feasible.
  • When possible you will share your resources through Active Aging Canada to be disseminated to the membership and beyond.

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