In 1993, three groups dedicated to advancing active living for older adults - the National Walking Campaign, Active Living and Older Adults Blueprint Implementation Committee, and the Secretariat for Fitness in the Third Age - met to plan the merger of their organizations. Their interest was in implementing "Move through the Years: A Blueprint for Action" and in effectively promoting active living for older adults. Their initiative led to the coming together, in 1995, of several organizations with an interest in health, aging, physical activity and the creation of healthy environments. Each was committed to promoting a culture and environment that motivated older Canadians to include physical activity as an essential part of daily living. Together, they tapped into a synergy created from a recognition of both commonalties and individual strengths. What emerged was a unique collaborative partnership - the Active Living Coordinating Centre for Older Adults (ALCCOA). In 1997 the Coordinating Centre evolved into a Coalition to better reflect their structure and purpose

In April 1998, the Roundtable Members met in Toronto to reaffirm their commitment to ALCOA. Several new organizations were invited to participate in the strategic planning of ALCOA and our networks broadened.
In 1999, ALCOA held its first official Annual General Meeting and incorporated federally.

In 2013, the Board initiated discussions and spent considerable time and energy over the next two years to complete a thorough review of its name, mission, vision and bylaws. Many consultations were held with the Board, ALCOA members, and key individuals in the aging sector. In 2016 the Board of Directors unanimously approved the motion and the members at the Annual General Meeting unanimously ratified the new name, mission, vision and by-laws.
The following is a chronology of events which concluded with the ratified by the members at the Annual General Meeting held on September 26th, 2016.

2013 (January, April) Discussions with Chairman, Bert Taylor, and ALCOA Executive Director, Patricia Clark, on potential name change and future direction for ALCOA.

2014 (December) ALCOA Board Meeting - discussed process in which to initiate a review of the current business, mission, vision and name of ALCOA.

2015 (January) Planning Committee met in Toronto

Patty Clark, Jim Hamilton, Brenda Hajdu, Bill Krever, Ward Maxwell, Rosanne Prinsen, Bert Taylor

Discussions focused on:

  • What is the business we are in and with whom are we in business?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • Membership fees – Should we continue to charge membership fees?
  • Mission/Vision – Does it need to be revised?
  • Funding Sources – Where are new potential funding sources?
  • Name – Is the name still appropriate?

2015 (May) ALCOA Board Meeting - discussed Jan 12th planning meeting report. Feedback received by May 25th for June meeting.

2015 (June) – Recommendations developed by Planning Committee with feedback from Board Members, presented to ALCOA Board Members.

2015 (July) Survey sent out to ALCOA Members – Proposed Recommendations for a New Strategic Direction for ALCOA, 12 responses received.

2015 (September) Board discussed recommendations and comments from members and presented draft recommendations to members at Annual General Meeting.  

2015 (December) Board voted on proposed revised vision/mission/name and revised bylaws.

2016 (February - March) Executive Director arranged consultations with key individuals within sector, who had knowledge of ALCOA’s work.

Joe Doiron – Public Health Agency of Canada (NB)
Peggy Edwards – writer; worked with ALCOA in past (ON)
Don Fletcher – Past ALCOA Chairman (MB)   
Gareth Jones – University of British Columbia Okanagan- Faculty of Health and Social Development (BC)
Bill Krever –– Better Living Health and Community Services; Past ALCOA Chairman (ON)                       
Michelle Porter – University of Manitoba; Past Board Member (MB)
Mike Sharratt – Research Institute for Aging; Past Board Member (ON)
Brenda Wong – City of Edmonton; Past Board Member (AB)

2016 (April) ALCOA Board Meeting - reviewed comments from external consultations and voted on final version.  Executive Director was instructed to conduct a NUANS search for new name and confirm process with Industry Canada and CRA - Charities Directorate.

2016 (May) ALCOA Board Meeting - reviewed and approved new logo.

2016 (September) Ratification by members at the Annual General Meeting for the new name, logo, vision, mission, and revised bylaws.

2016 (October) Executive Director filed formal request with Industry Canada and received Certificate of Amendment to confirm the new name. Revised bylaws submitted to Charities Directorate and Canada Revenue Agency.

Active Aging Canada is a charitable, not-for profit organization. Charitable Tax Registration Number – 88821 3923 RR0001


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