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Good eating habits – 10 ways to keep it simple

March 4, 2022

We are all looking for ways to be healthier eaters. The first step to success with any behaviour change is to be ready and willing to try it. Small steps add up to real changes over time.

There is so much information out there about what to eat and what not to eat. These 10 simple ideas will put you on the road to healthier eating:

  1. Enjoy a variety of food from each of the four food groups:
    • vegetables & fruits
    • grain products
    • milk and alternatives
    • meat and alternatives.
  1. Choose lower-fat dairy products and lean meats, fish, and poultry.
  2. Limit foods high in fat such as fried foods, chips, and pastries.
  3. Prepare foods with little or no fat, and reduce salt.
  4. Limit processed foods.
  5. Choose fruit and vegetables more often.
  6. Limit sweets such as desserts, candies, jam, honey, and regular pop.
  7. Avoid large portions and second servings.
  8. Choose foods high in fibre, such as:
    • whole grain breads and cereals
    • lentils and beans
    • brown rice
    • fruits and vegetables.
  1. Drink plain water throughout the day.

Good eating habits – 10 ways to keep it simple

Keep going!

Even with good intentions, sometimes it is hard to stick with a healthy diet. We all know what it’s like to ‘relapse’ into bad eating habits. Just start again and keep on going. It is far better to fall short sometimes than to take no action at all.

Just try one idea at a time until it becomes part of your lifestyle. Then add in another one. If you don’t like something, try something else, until you find what works best for you. Be patient with yourself and celebrate your successes along the way.

You will be amazed at how these small changes can add up to big successes.

This information is taken from Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living, published by Active Aging Canada in 2012, revised 2017, 2021. Download the full document: https://www.activeagingcanada.ca/practitioners/resources/healthy-living-workshop.htm.

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