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Take a Social Adventure, It’s Good for You

March 18, 2022

The pandemic is still with us, but restrictions are starting to be lifted across Canada. This week’s article reinforces the importance of social connection. If you are not able to safely meet with friends and family inside, perhaps consider an outdoor activity together.

By: John Griffin, MSc

We all know that exercise makes us feel better. But the real joy we feel from physical activity may come from more than just being active. There is the positive feeling that comes when a person shares an active event with a friend or group — a ‘social adventure’.

When we ski, golf, hike, bowl, swim – whatever — with someone else, we create new stories of shared experiences. That’s important at any stage of life, but to feel renewed as an older adult is extremely refreshing.

A social adventure may involve a change of place or climate – the adventure of a discovery shared with a friend. Or, it might just be a regular game of doubles for coffee when all is done. If you can plan four or so of these social events each month, it adds even more benefits to an active lifestyle.

Lifestyle has a dramatic impact on the aging process. Regular exercise in later years can mean a healthier, more independent and satisfying life. Adding a social aspect to your active living plan brings even more to successful aging!


About the author:
John C. Griffin, MSc, is a professor in the Fitness and Health Promotion Program at George Brown College in Toronto, as well as a consultant, speaker, coach, and writer. This article is adapted with permission fromBoost lifestyle activities to support clients in aging well,” in The Journal on Active Aging, March/April 2013: https://www.icaa.cc/.

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