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April 2018

Community of Practice Launched


Community of Practice

Active Aging Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Active Aging Community of Practice. With funding from CIHR, a group of researchers and KT experts gathered for a day to develop our Knowledge Translation Framework. With additional funding from CIHR, we have now set up the Community of Practice on our website.

As the knowledge broker, Active Aging Canada is creating an informal online community of Canadian practitioners, facilitators, administrators, and researchers who have a shared interest in optimal aging.


  • Active aging knowledge exchange and learning
  • Create pathways by which end-users will be integrated into the research process
  • Facilitate the movement of active aging research into practice
  • Help people find and connect with each other and foster collaboration

If you are interested in joining, please click on the CoP tab at the top right, to get more information and to register.

Corporate Member Profile


STEPS (Specialized Training Exercise & Participation Services) is an innovative company owned by Sandra Sheffield-Young. Sandra is a Kinesiologist, Gerontologist and Certified Trainer who is recognized nationally as an expert in her field.  In 2018 STEPS is celebrating 20 years of exercise success, specializing in exercise programs appropriate for all adults with an emphasis on Senior Fitness.  STEPS is committed to the prevention and maintenance of common medical conditions through exercise and education management. 

We welcome STEPS and Sandra to the organization. Please visit her website for more information about her services and programs.

Sandra Sheffield-Young
P: 905.906.6774

Jim Hamilton Appointed to National Seniors Council

Jim Hamilton, a long standing member and past Board Member of Active Aging Canada has recently been appointed to the National Seniors Council. 

On February 23, the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health, announced the appointment of four new members to the National Seniors Council (NSC). “The NSC engages with seniors, stakeholders and experts to provide advice to the Government of Canada on matters related to the health, well-being and quality of life of seniors.  More details may be found in the press release.”

Jim has as wealth of experience and knowledge that certainly will be an asset to the NSC and the older adults in Canada. Our congratulations to Jim Hamilton on this appointment.

Survey to Improve Equity in BC


Please provide your opinions and experiences to help improve equity, inclusion and accessibility policies and programs for physical activity in British Columbia by participating in a Needs Assessment Survey. This survey seeks to identify existing and emerging equity/inclusion/accessibility policies or documents that guide work in organizations, and ask stakeholders about what supports they need to develop or implement them.
This survey is being implemented on behalf of the BC Physical Activity and Health Collaborative which is a network of organizations that are involved in the advancement of physical activity in the province of British Columbia and are committed to meeting the goals outlined in the BC Active People, Active Places Physical Activity Strategy.

The survey can be accessed at PA Health Collaborative Physical Activity Policy Needs Assessment Survey and will be open until April 13, 2018.
Thank you.

Membership News

Your support for Active Aging Canada is vital to our existence. Your membership dollars help to fund expenses not covered by project grants, such as our website, administrative expenses, mailings, etc. As important as that is, your organizational support is even more critical to the ongoing success of the organization. You are our conduit to sharing our information with your members, whether they be practitioners or the public. We NEED your support and commitment in help us reach those individuals and to share our resources and health promotion information.

Membership renewals will be emailed out to all members in April. We hope you will be able to continue to support the work of Active Aging Canada.


Patricia Clark

Patricia Clark
National Executive Director

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