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November 2018

CoP Update

Community of Practice

The Community of Practice project continues to move forward, because of the leadership of our Board Member, Dr. Liza Stathokostas. Our achievements to date include:

  • 74 registered members
  • 3 grant proposals have included Active Aging Canada as their KT broker
  • Message Board open and accepting posts
  • Regular e-newsletters started in May – available in English & French

Do check out the site and register if interested. The link is found at the top right of our website.

A Short Visit with the Minister

Visit with the Minister

At a recent meeting in Ottawa, Patricia Clark, Active Aging Canada Executive Director, had the opportunity to have a quick visit with the Honourable Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor.

Member Highlight - Schlegel Research Institute for Aging

Research Institute of Aging

A research update from the Schlegel Research Institute for Aging.

Brain Blood Flow and Posture - Research Lead Dr. Richard Hughson, PhD, FCAHS

More than one third of older adults fall each year. Abnormal blood flow to the brain during changes in posture may lead to a higher risk of falling. As the body ages, there are several changes (e.g., stiffer arterial walls) that effect the cardiovascular system’s ability to control blood pressure effectively. As a result, older adults are at greater risk of developing hypotension (i.e., low blood pressure) for a period during and after changes in posture, which in some cases may lead to a fall. The team looked at participants with and without a history of falling, and measured changes in blood and balance during posture transitions. The balance data suggests those who have a history of falling sway more after standing compared to those who don’t have a history of falls. These findings suggest that those more likely to fall are more unstable following a posture transition. 

The Arts - Research Lead – Dr. Kate Dupuis, PhD.

This research topic explores creativity in our later years, and the role of the arts in promoting health and well-being. The team wants to understand what draws people to participate in creative or performing arts and what the barriers are to participate. If we understand what might prevent people from taking part in the arts, strategies can be developed to make art more accessible so that everyone can benefit.

Measuring Activity in Retirement – Research Lead – Dr. Lora Giangregorio

Questionnaires are usually used to assess physical activity levels in older adults. These questionnaires may not be accurate because they are completed based on what the individual thinks they do instead of what they actually do. The purpose of this study is to measure physical activity levels in older adults using wearable technology and compare it to a commonly used questionnaire and a newly developed questionnaire. Researchers are looking to see which questionnaire is the most accurate when compared to the resident’s real physical activity level.

For more information on this research and the RIA, please visit their website.

Membership Benefits

Let’s support each other in our efforts to promote active healthy aging.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to take advantage of any of the following membership privileges:

  • free skyscraper rotational ad on the Silver Times web site
  • free ads posted on Active Aging Canada web site for your products / programs/ services
  • free postings on Active Aging Canada Face Book
  • free email blasts to Active Aging Canada members
  • free e-blast to data base to promote your product/program/ services
  • free postings on Active Aging Canada web site for calls for research subjects
  • potential partnerships in Active Aging Canada projects, when appropriate

Our websites average over 7,000+ unique visitors each month, with a total of over 600,000 hits per year. Our e-blasts reach over 1000+ EN (40 FR) individuals who have signed up to receive our information.
Just as you can help spread our message, we can do the same for you. The membership is here to support each other so let's work together to promote and advance active healthy aging for Canadians.  


Patricia Clark

Patricia Clark
National Executive Director

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