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October 2021

Annual General Meeting

2021 Annual Report

Our AGM was held on September 30th where the members voted in the Board of Directors and approved our financial statements. 

A presentation was also made by Kyle McTaggart, our Digital Media consultant.  Here are a few exciting highlights of our digital campaign and SEO work:

Avg. monthly Pageviews:

  • 2021 (8 mths Jan- Aug): 11,800
  • 2020 (12 months): 2,500

Avg. monthly Users/Visitors:

  • 2021 (8 mths Jan- Aug) 4,600
  • 2020 (12 months): 955


All metrics improved in 2021:

  • with an extremely large gain in total pageviews (94,853 vs 18,155)
  • an impressive increase in Average Time Spent on Page (+27%)
  • reduction in Bounce Rate (site session in which users viewed only a single page and then left — 20%)

The minutes and accompanying documents from the AGM have been sent to all members, in addition to a digital copy of the Annual Report.  We would encourage our organizational members to share the Annual Report with their respective Board of Directors, as it provides an excellent overview of the work of Active Aging Canada this past year.

Be Wise is Booming

Be Wise - Cannabis and Older Adults

Our cannabis project has kept us so busy that I lost track of time and not sure where we lost the month of September! Here is just a quick update on this project:

  • 45,000 copies distributed across Canada with the hopes of distributing 100,000 copies should additional funding be available
  • 21,000 page views of Be Wise
  • 18,000 views of the pod casts
  • 3,800 booklet downloads
  • Feedback received from readers:
    •       99% (n=346) of the 350 respondents to the survey found the Be Wise booklet useful or somewhat useful
    •       97% (n=339) gained some knowledge from the booklet
    •       79% (n=277) found the most beneficial information was the different therapeutic uses of THC and CBD
  • Weekly virtual presentations are offered to seniors through their centres
  • Be Wise Videos launched mid-October
And there is still lots more to do over the next four months!

Member Highlight

Pictou County Council of Seniors

The Pictou County Council of Seniors, a long-standing member with Active Aging Canada truly represents the older adults, their needs and their interest. The Council represents seniors’ clubs and community groups, with a mandate to support older adults in the area through the promotion of active living, improved communications about seniors’ issues, and programs and services that enable seniors to age in place in their communities. The Council of Seniors’ supports a Seniors Outreach Coordinator who works with agencies, community organizations, and individuals to offer services and programs for seniors in their home communities. These programs include meal delivery, lunch and learns with informative guest speakers, focus groups and exercise programs. There are also a high volume of telephone and email requests for individual needs, as well as community advocacy in terms of public policy change for better services for seniors, and includes advocating at all levels of government, with private sector organizations and other stakeholders. This unique program is now in its 43rd year.

Member Representative

Mary MacLellan

For almost 14 years Mary MacLellan has been the Seniors’ Outreach Coordinator at Pictou County Council of Seniors. Mary came to the Coordinator position in her retirement after a 32-year career at Bell Aliant. As a senior herself when she began in the role, she had first-hand experience with the challenges faced by older adults in Pictou County. Pictou County seniors and caregivers in need may call Mary for any inquiries including home maintenance and repair; resources for caregivers; transportation; and emergency financial assistance. She serves as a vital community navigator for seniors dealing with such diverse challenges as finding an apartment or getting their taxes filed. Over the years Mary has connected countless seniors with emergency funds for food, transportation and health care. In addition, Mary organizes programs such as Meals on Wheels and Lunch & Learns in ten communities in the county.

Mary sits on the Pictou County Aging Well Together Coalition, the Pictou County Housing Coalition, the Pictou West Community Health Board, the Pictou County Community Health Centre Working Group, the VON Board, and is a member of the Pictou County Three for Seniors, a partnership between Community Links, Seniors’ Safety, and Seniors’ Outreach.

Patricia Clark

Patricia Clark
National Executive Director

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