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March 2022

Grants, Grants, and more Grants

As many of you know these last few months keep many organizations very busy as it is the season of grant writing.  And it is no different at this office. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Liza Stathokostas working with Active Aging Canada as our Research Director.  Liza does the lion’s share of the work on the grant submissions, which allows the organization to submit several proposals.  Here are the highlights of the grants that have been submitted since since the fall and are waiting for a decision.

November 2021         Anonymous Donor
Title: “Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living: A Workshop Supporting Healthy & Independent Aging in Canada”     $1,020,385 total; $510,193 from Anonymous Donor
This proposal would train facilitators and offer Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living Workshop in four regions of Canada. Matching funds are required by Public Health Agency of Canada, of which the call for proposals has not yet been received.

December 2021          New Horizons for Seniors Program,
Title: “Older Canadians Inspire a MOVEment for Healthy Aging” $25,000
We were successful with this funding call last year to promote and disseminate a newly created physical activity resource for older adults (developed by CSEP and Exercise is Medicine Canada).  This funding request will translate the resource into the top five non-English/French languages spoken by older Canadians.  We will also recruit older adult volunteers of these ethnicities to participate as ‘role-models in our promotion/dissemination plan.

January 2022          PHAC Dementia Strategic Fund: Dementia Guidelines and Best Practices Initiative
Title: Moving Healthy Brain Research into Action:  Active Aging Canada’s Active Living Tip for Older Adults
Update brain health Active Living Tip and Research Update.

January 2022               CIHR Institute of Aging Voluntary Sector Award
Title: “Older Canadians Inspire a MOVEment for Healthy Aging” $10,000
Similar to the above, this funding request will focus on dissemination and translation of the new physical activity for older adult resource into the top five non-English/French languages spoken by older Canadians. 

CIHR Institute of Aging Planning and Dissemination Grant
Title: Supporting Health Care Professionals in Promoting Active Aging in Canada $10,000
This proposal is for promotion to health professionals, of the CSEP Physical Activity for Older Adults Toolkit.  The Toolkit has three documents, two for practitioners and one to share with older adult clients.  The goal is to increase knowledge and confidence in prescribing physical activity for older Canadians.

February 2022             Fit For Life Foundation Award
Title: “Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living: A Workshop Supporting Healthy & Independent Aging in Canada $100,000 Euro for three years

We applied for this award last year with a proposal that would develop our physical literacy project.  It was unsuccessful and it appears this foundation funds existing programs.  As such, we will be applying to fund Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living Workshop offerings.

Your Membership is Very Important to Us

With Spring just around the corner, so are our membership renewals coming due for April.  This is just an advance notice that you will be receiving your membership renewal information via email in the next month or so.

I hope you all understand how much we value your membership, your support, and your contribution to Active Aging Canada. We would not be able to reach the older adults of Canada without your support.  Each year with your renewal we remind you that it is your support and interest in our organization that we truly value.  Membership fees are important to help offset our administrative expenses, but your support far exceeds the dollar value of the membership. Please remember, that if your budgets are tight and our membership fee is a barrier, don’t worry. Pay what you can, even if that is nothing.

We need your support and together we can continue to make a difference in the lives of older adults.

Please Take Advantage of Your Membership

With your membership comes a variety of opportunities for your organization to promote your own resources, programs, services, etc.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to take advantage of any of the following membership privileges:

  • free ads for your products / programs/ services posted on Active Aging Canada web site which averages 14,000 page views each month (167,000 pageviews last year!)
  • free postings on Active Aging Canada Face Book
  • free email blasts to Active Aging Canada members
  • free e-blast to data base (of over 5000+ individuals)
  • free postings on Active Aging Canada web site for calls for research subjects potential
  • partnerships in Active Aging Canada projects, when appropriate
Just as you can help spread our message, we can do the same for you. The membership is here to support each other so let's work together to promote and advance active healthy aging for Canadians.

Patricia Clark

Patricia Clark
National Executive Director

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