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If you need a few ideas to stay active, stay safe and keep your distance, please check out the list of links.

Active Living Tips

The Active Living Tips are written specifically for older adults containing current and practical research results in the field of physical activity and optimal aging. Now available in seven languages.

Active Living Tip Sheets


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Silver Times changed it's format from a published magazine to an online version. For additional articles relating to a variety of healthy aging topics, please visit

Silver Times - Vol 1, Issue 1, Fall 2010 - PDF

Daily Dose Exercises

Many of us struggle to be physically active on a regular basis. Exercise—particularly starting an activity program—challenges people to change their behavior, and that’s hard. More than half the attempts to begin exercise programs lapse within a few months.

One approach to this problem is to structure exercise right into our lifestyle. When we think about exercise as an integrated part of daily life, it stops being an add-on. Instead, it complements what we do every day.

To be active at home, take your Daily Dose - PDF

Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living

This Passport can be downloaded for individual use, or hard copies may be ordered from the office for use as a resource in a Healthy Living Workshop. The Passport contains useful information and tips on a variety of healthy aging topics and chronic diseases, helpful hints, charts to track results and lots of resources.

Personal Passport to Healthy Living - PDF


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