Be Wise – Cannabis and Older Adults - MP3 E-Publication


Working with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Active Aging Canada is pleased to make available the entire Be Wise booklet as an e-publication. Read in both English and French (coming soon) by CNIB readers, this format allows the visually impaired, and anyone, to listen to the important information available in the Be Wise, Cannabis and Older Adults booklet as it is written.

Each file has one section from the booklet. Each section is titled, and where appropriate, there is a description of the content of the file.




01. Be Wise Cannabis And Older Adults

Cover Titles, Contact information, Copyright, ISBN  Number, Disclaimer and Languages available.



02. How To Use This Publication

Explanation of the organization of the e-publication.



03. Acknowledgments



04. Cannabis And Older Adults

The introduction to the booklet.



05. Contents



06. About Active Aging Canadas



07. What's Inside

A quick overview of the sections of the Be Wise booklet.



08. Section Older Canadians And Cannabis Use

Statistical facts about older Canadians and cannabis use.



09. Why Older Adults Use Cannabis



10. What Older Canadians Told Us

Some of the results from surveys and focus groups conducted by Active Aging Canada.



11. Section Facts About Cannabis

Basic information about cannabis.



12. Two Varieties Of The Plant Are Used

The difference between the Sativa plant and the Indica plant.



13. THC And CBD Have Different Therapeutic Uses

Basic therapeutic uses of THC and CBD are explained.



14. Ways People Can Consume Cannabis

The various methods of using cannabis.



15. Recreational Cannabis

Recreational use, explained.



16. Self Therapeutic Cannabis

Self-therapeutic use, explained.



17. Medical Cannabis

Medical use, explained. Reasons to have a prescription for medical cannabis.



18. Section Cannabis And The Law

What is legal in Canada.



19. Average Cannabis Costs

Costs for dried cannabis, oil and capsules.



20. Where To Obtain Cannabis

Legal sources where you can buy cannabis products.



21. Where Cannabis Can Be Used

Where to legally use cannabis.



22. Purchasing Medical Cannabis

Explains the process of getting a prescription for medical cannabis and how to get it filled.



23. How Cannabis Is Sold

Legal venues for cannabis sales.



24. Cannabis Content Labeling

What to look for on your cannabis product label.



25. Identifying Legal Cannabis Products

Labelling required by the Government of Canada to be on all cannabis products.



26. Packaging Labelling

Understanding cannabis product’s labels.



27. Travelling With Cannabis

How to travel with cannabis legally.



28. Cannabis Safety

Safe storage of cannabis.



29. Section Therapeutic Benefits

Section Title



30. Cannabis Help With Health Issues

Understanding therapeutic benefits of cannabis.



31. Cannabis And Medical Conditions




32. Benefits Of Cannabis

Older adults anecdotal information.



33. Certain Kinds Of Pain

What types of pain cannabis is proven to help with.



34. Arthritis

Cannabis for arthritis.



35. Palliative Care

Cannabis use in palliative care.



36. Sleep And Insomnia

Cannabis use for sleep disorders.



37. Lack Of Appetite

Cannabis use for lack of appetite.



38. Glaucoma

Cannabis and glaucoma.



39. Parkinson's Disease

Cannabis and Parkinson's Disease.



40. Alzheimer's

Cannabis and dementia.



41. Mental Health

Older adults mental health and cannabis.



42. Section Cannabis Side Effects And Risks

Potential side effects of cannabis use.



43. Older Adults Who Should NOT Use Cannabis

Older adults at risk if they use cannabis.



44. Risk Of Falls

Cannabis and falls.



45. Driving Risk

Driving while being under the influence of cannabis is illegal.



46. Addiction Risk

Cannabis dependence.



47. Withdrawal Risk

Risks if withdrawal following cannabis dependence.



48. Risk Of Overconsumption

Older adults and the risks of overconsumption.



49. Risks For Lifelong Cannabis Users

Known risks for life long users.



50. Using Cannabis And Alcohol

It’s not a good idea to mix the two. Here’s why.



51. Risks With Cannabis Use And Aging

Changes in the older adults body means different reactions to cannabis.



52. Section Aging And Cannabis

Section Title.



53. Cannabis And Its Effect On The Aging Body

Cannabis as it affects older adults.



54. Drug Interactions With Cannabis

Potential interactions of cannabis with prescription drugs.



55. Recreational Cannabis Use And Older Adults

Concerns older adults should consider before using cannabis recreationally.



56. If You Are Starting To Use Cannabis Or Start

If you start using cannabis or start again.



57. Cannabis And Age-Related Change

Ways cannabis can affect older adults differently.



58. Section Talking To Your Doctor About Cannabis

Things to consider before talking to your doctor about cannabis.



59. Talking With Your Doctor

Reasons to talk to your doctor about using cannabis.



60. Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Sample question s you might ask your doctor.



61. Section Dosing And Your Health Condition

Section Title.



62. Approved Dosing Instructions For My Health

What we know and don’t know about cannabis dosing, and suggestions about dosing.



63. Guidelines On Starting Dosages For Recreational Use

Suggested dosages for recreational use.



64. Guidelines On Starting Dosages For Therapeutic Use

Suggested dosages for therapeutic use.



65. Your Personal Usage Log

A log to chart your cannabis use.



66. References And Resources

Websites and references



67. It's Easy To Order Your Copy of Be Wise

Ordering information.



68. Consultants

List of consultants who worked on the Be Wise booklet.



69. Closing Credits

Credits for the e-publication.

Cannabis and Older Adults

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