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Join Patricia Clark National Executive Director, and Ward Maxwell Director of Marketing and Communications for Active Aging Canada, as they talk about cannabis, it’s uses and current research, with a focus on older adults.

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Our Be Wise videos will help you find out about the facts about cannabis and the latest research related to its use. As always, our Information is meant for older adults, but basic cannabis facts are for everyone.

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Cannabis and Older Adults


Be Wise, Cannabis and Older Adults is factual information about cannabis for older adults. Easy to understand, written in clear language, the Be Wise booklet is meant to help older adults make wise decisions about cannabis use.

The booklet is divided into eight important topics:

  • Older Canadians and cannabis use
  • Facts about cannabis
  • Cannabis and the law
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Side effects and risks
  • Aging and cannabis
  • Talking to your doctor
  • Dosing and your health condition

Research has been gathered from across Canada and around the world about older adults and cannabis. The result of that work is presented in this comprehensive booklet.

Bright, easy to read, the facts about all forms of cannabis are discussed openly, and the information about cannabis is presented in an objective manner.

Authored using Active Aging Canada research, reviewed by experts, tested across Canada with older adults, the Be Wise booklet is designed to help older adults know the facts about cannabis before they decide whether or not cannabis use is for them.

As well, throughout the book, Active Aging Canada promotes a message of moderation and healthy active living.

Download copies

You may order a booklet (see order form below) or download either a low resolution (4.2MB) or high resolution (13.4MB) version of this document in English. The booklet is also available in French and 14 other languages.

Be Wise Video Presentation

This is a recorded video presentation highlighting the content in the Be Wise booklet. It is approximately 40 minutes in length and may be viewed individually or shown in a group setting. Individuals who would like more information on the subject may download the Be Wise booklet or order a copy from our website.

View this presentation on our YouTube channel.

MP3 E-Publication

Working with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Active Aging Canada is pleased to make available the entire Be Wise booklet as an e-publication.

Order your free copy today

To order your free copy of Be Wise, please complete the order form below. Should you wish a bundle of booklets for your community, you may select up to 50 copies. If you require more than that, please contact the office ( and we will be pleased to assist you.

Also, note that the booklet is available in 15 languages and braille. Please indicate your language of choice.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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Additional Resources that may be of interest:

Cannabis Use and Canadian Adults

Cannabis Use and Canadian Adults - PDF

A survey on use, interest and information needs

This survey offers a number of insights into the topic of cannabis and Canadian older adults; although our sample is one of convenience of online survey respondents and therefore not representative of the whole Canadian older adult population. The survey results are similar to emerging data indicating both increased use of, and interest in, cannabis among older adults. As the Canadian population continues to age it can be expected there will be continued growth in interest and use of cannabis. Therefore, there is a need to equip older adults with educational resources.

Older Adults and Cannabis Use

Older Adults & Cannabis Use - PDF

A Narrative Review of Age-specific Issues

The use of cannabis by older adults is increasing faster than any other age-group. In Canada, 7% of older adults report using cannabis, up from 1% in 2012. With the goal of achieving healthy aging, there is increasing curiosity of the benefits of cannabis among older adults and an increase in its usage by older adults. This is being driven by the increased promotion of its medicinal use for conditions such as pain, insomnia, and anxiety (often experienced by older adults). Therefore, the purpose of this narrative review is to provide relevant and current evidence-based information in the area of cannabis use and its effect on the older adult with an emphasis on cannabis public education, awareness, health benefits, harm reduction and prevention.

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