80+ Project (2004/2005)

Promoting the Health of the 80+

The Older, Old Adults Project was designed to promote the health of the 80+ older adult.

The first step in this project was the establishment of an ALCOA committee to advice on the project. The committee included represenative from the following organizations: Canadian Senior Games Association, Institute for Positive Health for Seniors, Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, and the ALCOA Older Adults Advisory. For a list of the committee members please see page 10.

The resources produced by the project included a peer delivered community level presentation to promote active living to the 80+ older adult. The presentation was tested and revised two times before finalization.

ALCOA conducted a Train-the-Trainer session to train organizational representatives on improving their facilitation skills and to assist them in training possible presenters on the 80+ community level presentation. The Train-the-Trainer session was attended by 21 participants representing 13 organizations, including: YMCA Canada, Osteoporosis Society of Canada, ALCOA in Manitoba, VON Canada, Institute for Positive Health for Seniors, The Retired Teachers of Ontario, Canadian Senior Games Association, Manitoba Cardiac Institute, Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability, Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario, Alberta Centre for Active Living, Canadian Senior Games Association, and Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism

ALCOA also prepared a list of resources on active living for the 80+ to provide useful information to program staff working with older adults. The resource for program staff was tested in community setting with those who work with older adults.

Older Old Adults Health (80+) Committee

Jack Brownell, Chair - Canadian Senior Games Association

Gabriel Blouin - Institute for Positive Health for Seniors

Gareth Jones - Canadian Centre for Activity & Aging

Darene Toal-Sullivan - Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Bill Turney - ALCOA Older Adults Advisory

Imran Syed - ALCOA

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