The research confirms the benefits of exercise for cancer patients and survivors. Cancer is predominately a disease with the older adult population.This background paper provides a summary of the literature review on the cancer rates in Canada and the benefits of activity for cancer patients and survivors.

A Background Paper on Older Adult Cancer Survivors and Exercise - PDF

This Practitioner Handout is a condensed version of the research from the background paper, written specifically for individuals working in the health and fitness field.

Encouraging Physical Activity for Older Adult Cancer Survivors - Practitioner Handout - PDF

The Framework for Program Design for cancer patients and survivors was developed based on the program offered through the Well-Fit Centre at the University of Waterloo. This document provides all the relevant information to setup a safe and effective program in any facility.

Active Living for Older Adults in Treatment for Cancer - Framework for Program Design - PDF

The video produced with the assistance of participants from the Well-Fit Centre, provides a glimpse into the lives of cancer patients and survivors. Told by the survivors themselves, it is a moving video as they explain how activity kept them postive while in treatment, made them stronger, and gave them control over something in their life.

University of Waterloo - Well-Fit

The brochure is designed for the consumer, written in clear language, to inform, educate and motivate patients and survivors on the benefits of being active while in treatment or as a survivor. This brochure may be downloaded or you may order larger quantities from the Active Aging Canada office.

Make Physical Activity a Fun and Save Part of Your Healthy Life - PDF
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