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Order Form for Active Aging Canada Resources

New CD Tool Kit Resource for Healthy Living Workshops.

Please complete the following form and submit it to Active Aging Canada for processing.

The Tool Kit is in a CD format, and contains all the information, step by step guide, resources, posters, video links, etc. to allow you to offer an evidence-based Healthy Living workshop for Older Adults. “Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living” is the resource to be used by the participants in the workshop and come packaged in bundles of 10. As this Tool Kit is designed to be used in a workshop setting, the maximum number of Passports that can be ordered is 2 bundles (i.e. 20 Passports). Should more Passports be required please contact the office at At this time there is no charge for the Tool Kit and Passports.
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Follow up Evaluation:
It is important for Active Aging Canada to be able to evaluate the impact of our resources. As our supplies are limited, at this time we will only send out the material for use in a 6-week workshop setting. We would also ask that you agree to have your participants complete the Evaluation Survey in the back of the Passport, and return them to the Active Aging Canada office.

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