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New CD Tool Kit Resource for Healthy Living Workshops

A new CD Tool Kit is now available from Active Aging Canada. It is designed for use by a non-clinical community leader, and provides you with a step by step guide to offer a 6 - week healthy living workshop for older adults.

The workshop template is based on the most current research available. A dedicated group of experts in various fields worked with Active Aging Canada to develop, test, and validate the content. The workshop was designed to include the use of Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living for the participants. The CD contains the following information:

  • Background information on the development and use of the Tool Kit
  • Step by step guide for the 6 week course
    • Getting Started
    • Motivating Change
    • Healthy Eating
    • Physical Activity
    • Mental & Emotional Health
    • Healthy Lifestyle – Impact on Chronic Disease
  • Activities for each module
  • Resources and handouts (to be copied from the CD)
  • Videos
  • Promotional posters for the workshops
  • New posters for the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults – 65 years and older
  • Inclusion of the Community Leader’s Guidebook

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines Letter 1

View/Download Canadian Physical Activity Guideline (CPAG)
posters and workshop posters

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Leaders Tool Kit for Healthy Living Workshops for Older Adults

"We run an adult day support program in Red Deer Alberta for seniors that are early onset Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We do physical activity at our program, mostly chair exercises due to physical barriers, but I am thrilled to attempt the [Healthy Living]workshop with our program participants.
Thank you so much for all your hard work. We will look forward to doing the workshop here at our program in the new year!  
Thanks again for all you do ......your organization should be very proud of the work it is doing for Albertan Seniors! KUDOS TO YOU"

Leanne Landry
Older Adult Programming Supervisor
Family   Services   Of   Central  Alberta


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The Tool Kit provides resources for the leader to help people who want to “get started” and “stay at it” in terms of healthier lifestyles.

Building on our previous publications, this new Tool Kit provides modules containing workshop lesson plans and resources for a 6 - week program. The lesson plans are holistic in their approach; provide a gender lens to healthy active aging; support self-management of chronic disease; and incorporate Canada’s new Physical Activity Guidelines, as well as tips on how to use the Passport.

The 2011 focus groups and pilot test sites confirmed that the Passport will help to inform, educate and inspire behaviour change in your participants. The Community Leaders Guidebook also tested in 2011-12, will provide you with support, tips, resources, and lots of evaluation information, templates and suggestions for your programs.

This is a complete CD Tool Kit and is available free of charge to any leader who would like to offer a Healthy Living Workshop for older adults.


Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living

Your Personal Passport to Healthy Living

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The Passport takes the participant on a healthy lifestyle journey. It is designed to provide them with benefits that will last a lifetime. Just as an official passport allows people to travel to, and learn about foreign countries, this Personal Passport will allow the participant to go on a journey of opportunities and new experiences. They learn how physical activity, food choices, lifestyle habits and maintaining positive mental health influences several chronic diseases.

Lifestyle habits are difficult to change. Small steps and simple changes are encouraged. Every step along the journey counts.  The Passport is designed to be a personal tool to motivate, educate and inform older adults about the effects of healthy living and the prevention and /or maintenance of chronic diseases. It is also to be used for assessing the participant’s lifestyle, recording their activities and successes along the road to healthier living. The Passport primarily focuses on Type 2 diabetes but also provides information on the relationship of healthy lifestyle choices and other chronic diseases.

The Passport is an evidence-based document. It has been developed and reviewed by a panel of experts on the Active Aging Canada Diabetes Reference Group.

Benefits older adults reported from using the Passport:

  • Increased knowledge
  • Increased exercise
  • Improved eating habits
  • Weight loss
  • Smaller waist measurement
  • Stable blood sugars
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Feel better about myself
  • Motivation to continue

Lifestyle changes reported by participants using the Passport:

    • I do more walking
    • I eat more fruit now
    • Lost weight and lowered my sugar
    • Eat more vegetables and find ways to prepare them more easily

General comments from participants using the Passport:

  • “Very interesting read and benefit to one’s health.”
  • “Passport has valuable information, easy to read and understand. It’s portable, can carry in a purse and very well put together.”
  • “I found the Passport very informative. A useful guide to improve healthy eating habits and to keep track with the checklists provided.”
  • "Enjoyed this group and the people immensely. Passport – very positive spin, lots of interesting info in a great format.”

Community Leaders’ Guidebook

Community Leaders’ Guidebook

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The Leader’s Guidebook is designed to provide the group leader with additional resources, workshop tips, background information, and tools and techniques for effective evaluation of your workshop.

The Passport and the Guidebook are designed to give the leader the knowledge and skills to help older adults get the greatest possible benefits from your program – and also to assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of your program.

While the Passport is designed for use by the older adults in your programs, the Guidebook will assist you in facilitating the use of the Passport, providing you with:

  • Information on the risk factors, signs and symptoms, and prevention of Type 2 diabetes
  • Ethics of using the Passport with individuals and groups;
  • Insight on motivating behaviour change in older adults
  • Tips on facilitating groups in using the Passport
  • Suggestions on how to measure participant progress and the success of your program
  • Guidelines around the successful use of their Personal Passport to Healthy Living
  • Resource and reference materials

The Passports will be shipped out in bundles of 10, with one CD to accompany the full order.  Please complete the order form and we will mail out the resources within 4 – 6 weeks.

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