Active Living Tips

Active Living Helps Arthritis
Issue Number 7 - January 2017 (PDF Format)

Healthy Eating and Regular Physical Activity: A Winning Combination for Older Adults
Issue Number 6 - March 2014 (PDF Format)

Preventing Falls in Older Adults
Issue Number 5 - March 2014 (PDF Format)

The Power of Strength Training for Older Adults
Issue Number 4 - October 2011 (PDF Format)

Brain Fitness: As Important as Body Fitness
Issue Number 3 - October 2011 (PDF Format)

Aerobic Fitness for Older Adults
Issue Number 2 - October 2011 (PDF Format)

Exercise for Your Heart's Sake: It's Never Too Late
Issue Number 1 - October 2011 (PDF Format)

Physical Activity and Cancer: From Prevention to Recovery. Issue No-12 September 2007 (In PDF Format):

Physical Activity and Mental Health. Issue No-11 April 2006 (In PDF Format):

Ageism and Active Living: Recognizing Social Barriers to Older Adult Participation. Issue No 10-April 2005 (In PDF Format):

Exercise Programming for Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias. Issue No 7-March 2004 (In PDF Format):

Monitoring and Evaluating Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults Issue No 4-Mar 2003 (In PDF Format):

Diabetes and Walking Issue No 1-May 2001 (In PDF Format):

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