Tight Hip Flexor Self-Assessment

In one minute you can learn a new healthy living tip from our Active Aging Minute video series. 
Still more ideas as to how to work on upper body muscle balancing while playing, and another Daily Dose Exercise that can be done anywhere, any time.

Moving on now to our fourth series of videos, John will discuss the importance of our hip flexors, the muscles in the front, top part of your leg. Tight hip flexors can have an effect on posture, sore backs, sports activities and daily living.  Watch and learn more.

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Daily Dose Exercises

Many of us struggle to be physically active on a regular basis. Exercise-particularly starting an activity program-challenges people to change their behavior, and that's hard.

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Active Aging Canada 2018 Annual Report

It has been a busy year for the organization and next year looks even more promising. Please take a moment to read our Annual Report to give you a better understanding of where we have been and where we are going.

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Too Fit to Fracture, Part 3 - Balance challenges keep you on your feet

After the age of 40, we lose 0.5% to 1% of the bone mass in our skeleton each year. A diagnosis of osteoporosis means that bones have weakened to the point where they could break from a simple fall.

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New Active Aging Minute Videos Launched Weekly

In one minute you can learn a new healthy living tip from our new Active Aging Minute video series. This series of 8 videos is based on research evidence about the kinds of activities and activity patterns that contribute to your physical, mental, social emotional and spiritual well-being. Each video will highlight different types of experiences that we hope will prompt you to think about what you do every day, and inspire you to enhance your current routines and activity patterns. Because what you do every day, matters!

Be sure to consult with a physician, physical thera­pist, or other trained health or exercise professional before doing a new exercise routine, in case you have medical and physical conditions that affect the exer­cises and how they are applied.

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STEPS (Specialized Training Exercise & Participation Services) is an innovative company owned by Sandra Sheffield-Young. Sandra is a Kinesiologist, Gerontologist and Certified Trainer who is recognized nationally as an expert in her field.

In 2018 STEPS is celebrating 20 years of exercise success, specializing in exercise programs appropriate for all adults with an emphasis on Senior Fitness.  

STEPS is committed to the prevention and maintenance of common medical conditions through exercise and education management.

Sandra Sheffield-Young
P: 905.906.6774
E: sandra@steps-co.ca
W: http://www.steps-co.ca

The Urban Poling Ultimate Guide to Nordic Walking

Interested in learning about Nordic walking or improving your Nordic walking skills? Urban Poling Inc., Canada's largest manufacturer and distributor of Nordic walking poles, has just published The Urban Poling Ultimate Guide to Nordic Walking. Get your digital or softcover copy here at the special launch price!

New Active Living Tip Now Available on Active Living and Arthritis

Our "Tips" are practical and leading edge knowledge on healthy active aging presented in plain language. ‘Active Living and Arthritis’ is now available in seven languages. English, French, Italian, Spanish, Punjabi, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Hard copies may be obtained free of charge or you may print a copy off this web site.

Be Active, Social and Healthy!

Mall Movers is still available throughout the summer at Centerpoint Mall and Woodbine Centre. Stay active and stay out of the heat. This is a free 30-minute stretch and strengthen class offered one morning each week, before the retail stores open. After the class, led by a certified fitness leader, the group walks the mall. For more information and registration, visit Mall Walking page.

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