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Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Translation among Canadian Researchers in the Field of Physical Activity and Aging – A Brief Report

Welcome to the Active Aging Canada Community of Practice. Our online community of Canadian practitioners, facilitators, administrators and researchers with a shared interest in sharing, disseminating, and applying knowledge of the key role of active aging in lifelong healthy aging.

This Community of Practice will facilitate the movement of pertinent knowledge to those who work with older adults and older adults themselves. It will organize and connect researchers with community organizations.

With our unique feedback loop incorporated into our Knowledge Translation Framework, we will have a direct line of communication from knowledge users on unmet needs, what works, and how to improve implementation of research.

Why Should I Join?


  • Disseminate your research through Active Aging Canada’s network of 40+ national and provincial organizations, and over 200 older adult organizations across Canada, with a potential to reach over one million older adults across Canada.
  • Connect with community organizations to learn about user-needs, issues, and get feedback on implementing research into practice.
  • Help practitioners to improve their practice.
  • Connect and learn from other active aging researchers in Canada.


  • Get involved and inform the research process.
  • Get access to expertise in the area of active aging.
  • Connect and learn from other older adult organizations.


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Financial support for the establishment of this Community of Practice was received from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Institute of Aging, Voluntary Sector Outreach Award 2017.