Moving Through the Years, A Blueprint for Action

Moving Through the Years, a Blueprint for Action was unveiled at the ALCOA National Forum on May 13, 1999. The Blueprint for Action was developed for and by Canadians and, as such, it speaks to the needs, interests, and concerns from this unique perspective. The Blueprint is a comprehensive policy aimed at enhancing the health and independence of Canada's seniors. This document is without authorship and grew out of a widely expressed need for consensus and direction to address the needs of older adults. The Blueprint provides a framework for governments, organizations that promote healthy, active aging, and older adults themselves upon which to design, develop, and deliver programs and services to Canada's fastest growing population.

The Blueprint is the product of extensive consultation and collaboration among governments, seniors' organizations and health care providers. The policy reveals the values, beliefs and goals of a broad consensus of older adults and organizations who support active living in Canada.

La Fondation en Adaptation Motrice (FAM) of Laval University took the leadership role in coordinating and facilitating the overall process for the Blueprint development. ALCOA has agreed to serve as the caretaker for the Blueprint, with a commitment to ensuring its uptake and implementation. The Blueprint would not have been possible without the financial contribution and support of Health Canada.

You can order the Blueprint by calling toll-free 1.800.549.9799.

You can view (download) A Blueprint for Action for Active Living and Older Adults PDF format.

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